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Our experienced technical team will carry out technical surveys on the site before construction to better serve customers.

Installation guide

The technical team of Yonglong Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will guide the installation of the equipment on the spot, and then perform the equipment debugging after the equipment is safely completed. Check whether the various functions of the equipment are normal and whether they meet the design standards. At the same time, it needs to be debugged in conjunction with the fire protection.

After-sales service

IDL China's general agent Yonglong Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has a multi-person dedicated project implementation and maintenance department responsible for providing after-sales service. The professional maintenance personnel have passed IDL’s strict system technical training and have a wealth of on-site Maintenance experience. Maintenance personnel are responsible for after-sales service of company products. Mainly include technical support, question answering, quality records, provide on-site maintenance equipment and normal operation services, and enable users to use them correctly.

Employee training

Our company's responsibilities:

At the construction site, adequate education and training should be provided for the construction and installation rules of access gate equipment. Our company is obliged to require construction personnel to participate in training courses. Those who do not participate in this training shall not be included in the construction team.

The responsibilities and obligations of the personnel of our company:

Every on-site construction worker must know the construction and installation rules. Ensure that the quality of construction and installation meet the required standards, and ensure that the construction and installation are safe, civilized and standardized.