Internet of Everything

Fieldbus and Ethernet I/O, various sensors dp, rtu, plc, smart meters and other equipment.


Multiple networking methods

WiFi, NB-IoT, ZigBee, 4G, LoRa,Bluetooth,Ethernet,Fieldbus.


Application scenario

Relying on the Internet of Things technology, it provides solutions for many scenarios. Crowd counting, crowd gathering, identity recognition, open flame recognition


Comprehensive monitoring management platform

Smart IoT management platform is a software and hardware integrated IoT project development platform. The platform has the characteristics of full industrial control protocol coverage, high system integration, rich functions, numerous tool sets, safety and reliability, and good open compatibility.

Real-time monitoring of equipment

Real-time display of equipment operating data, live animation simulation.


Intelligent emergency system

When the equipment is abnormal, it will alarm in time, support BIM, support emergency interface coordination, and pop up related plans and reference information, design and wiring information.

Big data display cloud platform

Data management of the day, data query and analysis of the day, alarm information of the day, etc.


System security

Position, multi-level security strategies and protective measures to ensure the safety of data and operations in all aspects of device docking, data transmission, user authentication, session management and permission control, prevent data from being leaked and tampered during transmission, and prevent counterfeit sessions and malicious attacks , To prevent cross-authority data access and system operations. At the same time, all behaviors involving system security will be recorded in security logs for security audits.

                                                                      Case show


Case: Guangzhou Shenzhen Vanke Center

Vanke Center is located in Dameisha Tourist Resort, Yantian District, Shenzhen, Guangzhou. It is a large-scale local building complex integrating hotel, apartment, office, leisure and entertainment, exhibition and commerce.

Feature example: Using DALI digital addressable IoT lighting technology to solve the difficulty of wiring without ceiling




    Case: Guangzhou PetroChina Building

The building adopts IoT-LINK technology and products in smart lighting terminals, air conditioning fan coil terminals, identification terminals, security alarm linkage terminals, visitor system terminals, emergency help terminals, and can achieve data sharing, linkage, and careful Energy saving.


Case: Shenzhen Haowei Technology Building

The building adopts intelligent Internet of Things technology including: digital video surveillance systems, anti-theft alarm system, electronic patrol system, access control card system (including elevator control system), parking management system and IoT software platform, etc., to achieve the improvement of Shenzhen Haowei The intelligent system engineering of the Science and Technology Building serves the quality of office staff, saves energy, reduces costs, and protects the environment.